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As our MD has made a promise to the world that we’ll be more bloggy, I thought I’d jump in and say hi.  My name is Ben and I am what is known as a newbie around these parts.

I guess you could say that this my first “real job”, although that does imply my previous jobs were not real, which would be inaccurate. Being a winter season holiday rep is pretty tough, and although working at a summer camp is incredibly rewarding, it’s actually the most exhausting thing I’ve ever done.

BUT! I now have a business card, so that has to be the qualifying point of finally making the jump into real adulthood? Surely…otherwise what’s the point in having business cards? – those questions are rhetorical, but feel free to post your arguments below. Recruitment is very different to what I had envisioned in my mind. It’s exciting, and frustrating, and tedious, and fun; but it’s also quite rewarding too. I’ve made a few placements so far, and already had my first drop-out which was very tough. But when people are your world you have to understand that somethings are simply out of your control. It’s been great to get some amazing candidates jobs that will progress their careers! It’s honestly a crazy feeling to know you’ve had quite a large impact on someone’s life.

And I’ll be brutally honest about my colleagues; I’ve never worked a job where I liked every single individual I work with, so if you read this, then thank you for simply being awesome, supportive, friendly, weird, excitable, interesting, sleepy, clever, funny and just all-round great people. One of the best things about working this job (particularly in recruitment) is knowing that my soul isn’t being blackened by it. This isn’t intentionally salesy but we are ethical and honest, and we have genuine discussions about a lot of the things Rebel get involved with and how we should respond to situations, because, forget professionally, personally, we’re all good people and it’s super important to everyone here.

Thanks for reading… I almost wrote listening; I’m treating this blog post as therapy.  Trust me, after a few months in recruitment I think I need it!

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