Errr…2016. Where did that go?

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OK, so we didn’t write a single blog post in 2016. Not a single one. Not even a opinion piece on East Midlands IT recruitment impact of Trump. The shame of it weighs down heavily daily. It’s like a fat suit, full of heavy un-blogged words…made of lead.

We got distracted. We started to grow, hiring 4 more people and, as the MD was too busy being smacked about the face by harsh lessons learnt in business, he couldn’t find time to write blog posts. That’s the truth of it. The other Rebels? Well, they had no excuse. They should have blogged away. It’s basically their fault…if we’re honest.

So readers of this page, please forgive our tardiness. We could outsource this page to a recruitment blogger charging $0.01 a word from an office somewhere in Manilla, but heck, where’s the fun in that?  No, we’ll get our act together and I’m pretty sure we’ll beat last year’s pitiful blog post count.  Mark our words.

A new website with team pictures may also make an appearance at some point…when the swelling on the MD’s face calms down.

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