Choosing the right recruitment partner for your business is a hugely important and sometimes overlooked decision.

With so many recruitment companies clambering over each other to represent the best candidates, the choice of who to use can often be confusing.  Whilst personal recommendations and a certain amount of trial and error will always be the way most managers choose their recruitment partner, we hope the commitments outlined below will rest your mind that, with Rebel, you and your vacancies will be in good hands…

Honest by default

With Rebel you won’t have to worry about the traditional recruitment Jedi mind tricks or verbal sleights of hand.  Our communication will always be straightforward and uncomplicated.

Our candidates will also be represented to you in a completely open way without prejudice, and we’ll never exaggerate, manipulate or in any other way artificially inflate a candidate’s profile when sending them over to you.

Equally, if you ask us to work on a role we don’t really feel we can help you with, we’ll let you know straight away rather than chancing our arm and wasting your time.

Listen more, talk less

We work best when we know as much about you, your team and your company as possible.  We want our candidates to be genuinely interested in working for you and we can only do this by listening to what you are looking for and what your role/company has to offer.

We also recognise the that person and job spec is only part of the story, what makes a great employee is often the other stuff that’s hard to put on paper.  We approach each assignment with an open mind and take the time to listen to you, never presuming we already know who and what you are looking for.


Just so you know,we’ll never approach candidates we’ve already placed with you with a view to taking them out and placing them elsewhere.  That shouldn’t really come as a surprise!

However, to us respect also means giving your vacancies due time and consideration and not cherry picking what we work on.  It also means keeping your sensitive information confidential and, importantly, not taking your business for granted.

Offer real insight

Our job isn’t just to find you CVs and cross our fingers that you’ll like a few of them.  We’ll give you a full picture of each candidate’s strengths (and weaknesses), why we feel they fit the criteria we’ve been given and any other bits of information that may prove useful to you.  You’ll find our candidate profiles to be clear, well written and informative.

We also regard it as part of our job to help you (if needed) in drawing up job specs and suggesting improvements to the recruitment process to maximise your chances of finding the right person.  This includes keeping you informed about the local candidate market and any external changes that could affect your chances of success.

Be dependable

Whilst it’s impossible for us to guarantee that we’ll fill every vacancy, we can guarantee that you’ll get a consistent and quality service from us and you’ll be able to depend on us to deliver for you more often than not.

This also means that we’ll always stick to agreed timescales and keep you in the loop with what’s happening with your vacancies on a regular basis.

With Rebel you’ll always know where you stand.