We know that being a job hunter can feel like a bit of slog nowadays.  With the increased pace of today’s recruitment market and with many companies now using more agencies than ever,  unfortunately it’s the candidate who often bears the brunt of this dilution in service.

However, whilst it’s a jungle out there and we alone can’t promise a return to the good old days when you’d be sipping tea with your favourite recruiter discussing multiple jobs options, we are committed to making your experience with us as positive, easy and as useful as possible.  So, whether we end up placing you or not, we aim to ensure you’ll have enjoyed working with us all the same.

Here’s how our key customer principles guide our service to you…

Honest by default

It shouldn’t need saying…but we’ll say it anyway.  You can count on us not to hold anything back.  If you need to know it we’ll tell it to you.

For example, if the job we want to put you forward for is awesome but the pay is going to be way less than you expected, we’ll not wait until after your 5th interview to drop that bombshell.

Alternatively, if you are interviewing against 10 other candidates, well, a) we won’t tell you you’re the only candidate in the mix and b) that’s not really the sort of vacancy we’d be working on in the first place…

In short, you can expect us to be clear, transparent and of the non-time-wastey variety.


We’ve all come across them before.  The recruitment consultants who ask you how your day’s going and before you’ve had a chance to answer they’re already selling you their irrelevant job based 250 miles away…in a portacabin.

Finding the right role is tough, and it’s even tougher if your recruiter doesn’t engage with you.  We commit to really listening to you, understanding what floats your boat (and what doesn’t) and trying to find out what your ideal role looks like.  If it exists and we have it, we’ll tell you.  If it exists and we don’t have it, we’ll look out for you.  And, if it doesn’t exist, we’ll (very, very gently) crush your dreams…whilst hopefully giving you some sound advice!

We don’t talk people into submission.  With Rebel it’s the job hunter who decides whether the role and company is right for them.


We’re committed to respecting all of our candidates, their confidentiality and their right not to be hassled, harangued or stalked at home or at work.  We’ll never send your details to any company without your permission, and you can rest easy that everything that we discuss with you is in complete confidence.

We understand that job hunting is often a stressful and anxious process, so we won’t make your life harder by being casual with privileged information, be it your CV, contact information or details of your current circumstances.

Offer real insight

We’re not merely an introduction agency.  It’s our job to give you as much insight into the role, company and team we’re putting you forward for.  Some employers offer more detail than others, but we’ll never be happy unless we have gathered as much information as possible for you.  If we can’t resolve a particular question of yours, we’ll always try our very best to get an answer and you can always count on us to give you a full overview of the good, the bad and occasional ugly bits when it comes to the job we are discussing with you.

Equally, when you work with us you can expect advice (if needed) on your CV, interviewing techniques, and how to best position yourself in the market to achieve success.

Be dependable

One of the biggest criticisms of recruiters is that we don’t deliver on our promises.  Whilst some of what happens in the recruitment process is outside our control, there’s no excuse for not keeping up our end of the bargain.  We commit to giving you regular (i.e. at least weekly) updates on your applications with us and getting back to you when we say we’ll get back to you.

If you are no longer being considered we won’t wait until you have to call us to let you know and if the job/situation has changed we’ll discuss this with you straight away.

With Rebel you’ll always know where you stand.