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Mandatory blog post from Ben

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As our MD has made a promise to the world that we’ll be more bloggy, I thought I’d jump in and say hi.  My name is Ben and I am what is known as a newbie around these parts. I guess you could say that this my first “real job”, although that does imply my previous jobs were not real, … Read More

Errr…2016. Where did that go?

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OK, so we didn’t write a single blog post in 2016. Not a single one. Not even a opinion piece on East Midlands IT recruitment impact of Trump. The shame of it weighs down heavily daily. It’s like a fat suit, full of heavy un-blogged words…made of lead. We got distracted. We started to grow, hiring 4 more people and, as … Read More

Loukia – Our new Rebel Resourcer!

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Hey there! I’m Loukia Poutziouris (or Lou – don’t worry about pronouncing my surname!) and I am a new member of the Rebel team. I have been in IT recruitment for a year and a half now, trying to help candidates land jobs that put a smile on their face! I’ve worked with the Rebel team before in my past … Read More

Automated Testing: A journey so far – By Andy Shaw

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After a longer than expected hiatus the Rebel Blog is back with a bang, this time with a guest post from a good friend of Rebel Recruitment, Andy Shaw.  You can view Andy’s profile here and share your thoughts on his post in the comments section below! Automated Testing: A journey so far My name is Andy Shaw and I am … Read More


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So, after my first week at Rebel, I felt it a good time to introduce myself with the first installment of (hopefully!) many to come; a brief insight into my working world, starting with .Net recruitment in the lovely East Midlands. As some of you may know, my name’s Mica (pronounced Mee-sha, for all of you who keep referring to … Read More