Fighting Talent Wars with Marshmallows

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There is a ‘Talent War’ going on, so I am constantly told. It evokes images of weapons clashing, booty (the other sort) being plundered and glorious victors emerging, bloodied but triumphant. Scarce resources being fought over change hands and all is well…until the next fight….and the next one…and so on it goes. The same story since time immortal. But we live … Read More

Quickfire CV Tips from Mica

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It’s that time of the year when all the bright-eyed, freshly graduated candidates are looking for their first role out of university…ah, to be that young again! It has drawn to my attention the fact that CV writing does not get taught to anyone- at any age- which is a travesty! So I’d like to take it upon myself to … Read More

Meetuppy Mica Bell

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So, it’s been almost 2 years since my first and, sadly, only blog post to date…oh, the shame! I had started out with such good intentions, but it turns out that consistently finding time in the week for creative activities can be very tricky indeed. Anyway… I’m back now and tentatively planning to make it a regular thing, so perhaps … Read More

Mandatory blog post from Ben

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As our MD has made a promise to the world that we’ll be more bloggy, I thought I’d jump in and say hi.  My name is Ben and I am what is known as a newbie around these parts. I guess you could say that this my first “real job”, although that does imply my previous jobs were not real, … Read More

Errr…2016. Where did that go?

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OK, so we didn’t write a single blog post in 2016. Not a single one. Not even a opinion piece on East Midlands IT recruitment impact of Trump. The shame of it weighs down heavily daily. It’s like a fat suit, full of heavy un-blogged words…made of lead. We got distracted. We started to grow, hiring 4 more people and, as … Read More

Loukia – Our new Rebel Resourcer!

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Hey there! I’m Loukia Poutziouris (or Lou – don’t worry about pronouncing my surname!) and I am a new member of the Rebel team. I have been in IT recruitment for a year and a half now, trying to help candidates land jobs that put a smile on their face! I’ve worked with the Rebel team before in my past … Read More

Automated Testing: A journey so far – By Andy Shaw

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After a longer than expected hiatus the Rebel Blog is back with a bang, this time with a guest post from a good friend of Rebel Recruitment, Andy Shaw.  You can view Andy’s profile here and share your thoughts on his post in the comments section below! Automated Testing: A journey so far My name is Andy Shaw and I am … Read More


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So, after my first week at Rebel, I felt it a good time to introduce myself with the first installment of (hopefully!) many to come; a brief insight into my working world, starting with .Net recruitment in the lovely East Midlands. As some of you may know, my name’s Mica (pronounced Mee-sha, for all of you who keep referring to … Read More