Another new Rebel is born (well, hired, technically speaking…)

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Wowsers McGowan.

That’s our new Rebel’s name.

OK, so that’s  not really her name.  It’s actually Hayley McGowan. Not quite as  catchy as Wowsers McGowan, but a strong name nonetheless.

Welcome to the fold Hayley.  Although you don’t know it yet (it’s in the really small print of your contract) you have sworn a lifelong oath to continually strive for recruitment awesomeness. You will delight employers and candidates alike with your non-salesy, likeable and human recruitment touch.  It’ll be tough, but you’ll stare fear in the face and continually poke it with your sharpest, dirtiest fingernail.

So, who is Hayley McGowan?  Hayley has a number of years working within recruitment and account management, and joins after spending 12 months specialising in European tech recruitment.  She is married to Dan (a graphic designer) and is mum to Aidan (5) and Rose (3).  She also happens to live within a stone’s throw of our office…which puts us in mortal danger if she ends up hating working here (won’t happen Hayley, you’ll love it…).

She’ll be writing her own post soon to properly introduce herself, but in the meantime you can link with her here or drop her an email at if you want to say hi.

You can also drop me an email if you want to say hi or, you know, just talk to me. Just sayin’…

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