n. reb·el  /rɛbəl/

  1. someone who refuses to conform to accepted traditions or conventions of behaviour

Rebel was formed in 2015 as an IT recruitment company committed to doing business differently and putting human values back into the recruitment process.

Granted, it’s a strange choice of name for a recruitment company…but there’s no need to run for the hills just yet.  Our rebellion is aimed squarely at the shifty culture often found within our sector.  When you operate in an industry notorious for questionable ethics, impersonal service and the odd bit of downright skulduggery, we feel a little rebelliousness is a good thing.

At Rebel we believe there’s a better, more transparent and more personal way to do recruitment.  We’re unashamedly passionate about what we do, how we do it and the positive impact we can have on peoples’ lives…and we’re proud to put people and relationships first.

Although we’re a young company, we have many years of specialist recruitment experience we can draw upon to help you with your search and, whether you’re a looking for a new role or looking to hire someone, we hope to surprise you (in a good way) with how we work.

In a nutshell, Rebel is a recruitment company committed to doing things the right way.  We say out with the tired old practices of agency recruitment and in with something altogether better.

It’s high time for some rebellious recruitment.

Welcome to Rebel.